Dry Docking/Pre Dry Docking

 ARM established in 2008 has emerged as a reliable and competitive ship repair partner for marine and off-shore operations in the region. We handle a wide range of tasks including ship repair and shipyard operations. We concentrate on yard work and therefore we can focus our full attention on each customer’s wants and needs such as repair, rebuild and do the conversion of the ships under optimum conditions, regardless of the weather. We know that time is important and therefore we know how vital importance it is to solve the tasks on time.
Our key people are from renowned dry-docks with 20+ years of experience at the different shipyards in UAE and abroad. The goal for our ship repairing business is to be an excellent partner with ship owners. Our Ship Repair Department has full capacity to provide the ship repair service with high quality, in floating, quay, and dry-docking such as follows:

  1. Rudder/propeller-shaft complex repairs
  2. Main engines and diesel-generators repairs 
  3. Automation equipment repairs and installation
  4. All types of fabrication/welding works

ARM specializes in providing engineering solutions to industrial customers in the region. Together with the technical knowledge of our experienced workforce and the backup of our principals, we are your ideal partner in Ship Repair, Industrial Repair, Trade & Service in the region.

Vision & Mission

ARM delivers innovative solutions and specialized services to the Marine & Industrial engineering sector to be valued by our customers and employees.
To be admired as a leading service provider to be marine and industrial sector, using the best available technologies which meet or exceed the changing requirements of worldwide customers, rewarded through significant financial growth and best maintenance-free green technology.

Ship Repair

ARM offers total solutions in ship repair. Our specialty is providing mobile staff, often with very little notice for relatively short, labor-intensive projects such as Ship Repair, Conversion, and offshore mobilization.
As client resources are often stretched, we take care of every aspect of personnel logistics and welfare to ensure that good quality, productive labor is available reliably when and where it is needed. All our staff has a solid background in shipbuilding, repair, and conversion and are trained to the highest industry standards with a strong focus on quality, health and safety.

Machine Shop

ARM puts quality, experience, and commitment into every phase of the machining process. We maintain a state of the art machining capabilities and full focus on quality inspections. Our attention to detail ensures quick, efficient turnaround at a competitive price and on-time delivery of your precision machined component.
Fabrication Division offers its services for the manufacture of engineered Products of various equipment and systems. Design and engineering capability, including CAD facility, exists for reverse engineering.

Laser Alignment 

We provide a complete service for all applications including main journal pockets including full NDT and laser alignment to ensure a high degree of accuracy.
Alignment of main engines, gearboxes, generator sets. We have a wide experience in the alignment of multiple shafts and bearings. We can assist in taking alignment readings for stern tube alignment and frame applications as well as Rudder alignment of steering gear to pintle bush. Quick and effective measurement of bores, on stern tubes, diesel engines, strut bearings, compressors, engines, and pumps. All on-site with no additional brackets or costly fabrication of parts.
Our teams of technicians come to you to carry out the repairs. We maintain an extensive range of equipment to cope with most aspects of plant maintenance including the machine of large or small items.

In-Situ Boring

The Precision line boring is a core specialty of ARM. We undertake the line boring of damaged or misaligned bores with a wide range of our custom-designed equipment.

Benefits of Line-Boring Repairs
  1. Fast response (can be the same or next day)
  2. Downtime reduced
  3. No need to move the engine block
  4. Restored to original OEM specification
  5. Guaranteed and verifiable results
  6. Comprehensive technical backup

Ship Repair & Conversion

ARM provides superior ship repair and conversion amongst other services, to serve all vessels calling UAE port. With our vast experience and mastery in the field, our highly skilled team is equipped to execute all kinds of repair and conversion of projects at a competitive price.
We undertake maintenance and repair for a wide range of onboard equipment including, engines, generators, gearboxes, propellers, stern tube seals, pumps, purifiers, compressors, boilers, steam installations, fans, turbochargers, freshwater makers and water treatment systems, condensers & heat exchangers, winches, cranes, electric motors, stabilizers, thrusters, and steering and DP systems.

Our basic ship repair services include:
  1. Rudder/propeller-shaft complex repairs
  2. Bearing Load Testing
  3. Pump, Pipe, and Valve Repairs
  4. Steel fabrication (hulls and superstructures)
  5. Aluminum fabrication (hulls and superstructure)
  6. Hull treatments (including hydro-blasting, grit blasting, and painting & coating)
  7. Electrical services
  8. Hydraulic services
  9. Carpentry and joinery
  10. Mechanical works such as Tail shaft, Propulsion systems, Propeller repair, etc.
  11. Overhauling of Pumps/Motors/Cranes etc.

Drawing from a rich workforce, the company has also attracted the finest among the available tradesmen to assure the high-quality products and timely delivery essential to serving its customers.
All our shop crew are educationally qualified and practically experienced in their respective areas of expertise. Our workforce is continuously trained for the safe and accurate operation of sophisticated machinery.
Each job is discussed in detail before the fabrication commencement and daily toolbox talks are conducted to keep the job well on track. The quality control team checks the job at every stage of fabrication and make sure the job is performed as per the tolerances as per client requirements.

    • 6000 tons ship lift size 130 m x 45m
    • 3000 tons ship lift size 90 m x 35m
    • 720 tons capacity boat hoist
    • 31 dry berths of 100 m length

State of the art facilities comprises of.

  1. Shipyard
  2. Ship repair
  3. Workshops
  4. Warehouses
  5. Showrooms
  6. Spare parts suppliers within the city.
  7. ARM has 10 ton overhead crane, CNC machines, warehouse, labor camps for employees.   
  8. 50,000 sqm Dry Dock and Ship lifting
  9. 12 Dry Berths
  10. Synchronized lifting capacity 1100 Tons (size 50 m x 18 m)

Dry Docking, Ship repairing, Marine operations, Agency service, Cargo handling, and warehouse storage with a total area of 450,000 Sqm. Adjacent Area has nine jetties of 1,100m with two portable ramps, barge accommodation up to 110 m.