Electrical Works


A variety and wide range of motor types are available to match your requirement, Small to the largest purpose.
• Brand New Motors
• Reman/Refurbished Motors (3 months warranty)

We will support you with the availability of the following types:
• Electrically excited DC motor
• Permanent magnet DC motor
• Brushless DC motor
• Switched reluctance motor
• Cage and wound rotor induction motor
• Torque motor
• Ironless or coreless rotor motor

Electronics Appliances

Following and many other types of appliances can be provided. All we require is to know about the electrical requirement on board and the product shall be delivered to you with your desired brand or standards, whatever is immediately available.

• Air Conditioners
• Washing Machines
• Washing Dryers
• Refrigerators
• Hot Plate Cookers
• LCD Televisions
• Computers
• Printer and Scanner

We support almost all brands
• 220V/50Hz/1Ph
• 440V/50Hz/3Ph
• 220V/60Hz/1Ph
• 440V/60Hz/3Ph